The modern day building manager is mobile, connected and operates a building as a wider community. They are a valuable on the ground resource providing sound advice for the long term protection of the building and operating assets. With advances in management technology connecting management and the occupants, we create a stronger community among the occupants. This adds value and controls risks within the building, having developed a greater sense of care among the occupiers.


want a smart building? use our smart management

At One Place we have developed our building management service using our 4cā€™s of sound site management. Cleanliness, Compliance, Communication and Critical Thinking.

Cleanliness, is the cornerstone of our operation; any person entering or exiting your building creates a first impression within the first 10 seconds, we deliver a clean and fresh smelling building at all times.

Compliance along with the health and safety of occupants is important. Compliance schedules and mechanical assets are maintained to a high standard at competitive market rates. We regularly review contractor performance and keep your operating budgets in check.

Communication, the modern building is a living breathing community. We utilise the latest cloud technology to connect occupants, tenants, landlords and committees to create a community with in the building where everyone looks out for each other and is efficiently communicated to when problems arise. No one is left in the dark.

Critical thinking, it costs 2.5 times the build cost to maintain a building throughout its life cycle. We ensure that long term asset planning is at the front of mind with any capital expenditure. We ensure that new technologies are utilized to future proof required upgrades and minimize running costs over the life of your asset.