Apartments - they only have four walls, no gardens, easy maintenance and are an easy, simple investment right? 

Look a little deeper and you will find an owners committee, a long term maintenance plan and maintenance budget, a variety of tenants ranging from students who don’t speak English to demanding professionals. This coupled with broken furniture and potential long vacancy periods, noisy neighbours and leaky buildings everywhere and things don’t look so simple anymore!

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At One Place we navigate the pitfalls of apartment investment with ease. We know the buildings we manage inside and out, we understand how to achieve top market rents and ensure you have the best chance of zero vacancy 52 weeks of the year. 

We give you a considered voice to the body corporate on all matters concerning you and your investment. If you have an apartment or are buying an apartment, call us first and see how we can help.

Apartment investment is a specialist area of investment which differs from traditional property investment. We provide a specialist service backed with years of knowledge and data.